Serving clients from large institutions to neighborhood medical practices

The number one reason to choose us is simple. Results. You have an open position, and we can fill it. Our team of top-rated medical recruiters have a great track record of finding the right candidate for the right position. Recruiting is not about finding CVs to send you. Effective recruitment is about finding that perfect match to join your medical staff.

Instant access to pool of candidates

Instant access to any exclusively curated database of our healthcare professionals. CatSol provides comprehensive Search services. Search, review, select and hire candidates from our vast pool of reviewed and vetted candidate database.

Compliance and On-Boarding

Operating without targeted onboarding compliance strategy and tactics exposes healthcare organizations to significant legal and financial risks. To overcome compliance challenges, CatSol ensures all its healthcare employees have valid licenses understands patient information and safety regulations, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Key Differentiators

We are preferred choice of many healthcare systems. It is our Experienced team, transparency and large database that makes us unique. 

Some of the other factors are 

• Low Fees & Upfront Payments
• Quick Fulfillment and Quality Candidates
• 90-Day Guarantee on placements
• Industry leading professional recruiters