Operations Management

Refined over time based, this robust methodology reflects our years of rich experience. The templatized approach to ensure consistency, the tollgate-based checklists, the relationship driven governance framework, are all an outcome of our learnings. 

SLA Management

SLA Management starts by defining the right SLAs that are aligned to the business outcomes. Our objective is not to deliver on our client’s historical SLAs but identify and bridge the gap that exists between our clients’ and industry’s benchmarks. 


In a global delivery model, a robust governance structure and communication framework is the cornerstone to success. We ensure transparency and oversight through a two-way communication model. 


The key aspects of our quality management system include a definite roadmap for industry certifications, continuous improvement through innovation and most importantly setting up a quality conscious culture at the grassroots of the organization. Our KPI driven performance management system leverages lean six sigma metrices across the RCM value chain continuum. 

Risk and Security Management

All our delivery sights are HIPAA compliant, with stringent data security controls in place.